About Us

We are the No 1 Commercial Management Company

We are an international hotel’s commercial management company with more than a decade of experience in helping hotels to maximise top-line profit. With wide array of focused expertise and knowledge our expert team support our client portfolio throughout Middle East, Canada, India, Australia, & Europe.

We offer unique independent hotels an intelligent infrastructure that allows them to outperform their domestic and global competition hotels. In an era of highly dynamic and rapidly evolving market place, we help independent hotels or hotel chains to have the right tools and strategies to become market leaders.

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Hello, We are IntelHotels Established 2007 – Manama, Bahrain.

About Us

Through proven best practices and result oriented smart strategies, our team increases the top line revenue year on year for our partner hotels. We provide personalized hospitality management services, tailored to the individual unique requirements to our hotel partners.

We work with a wide range of accommodation providers including downtown hotels, uptown hotels, boutique hotels, upper upscale hotels, upscale hotels, midmarket hotels, midscale hotels and resort.